Two banks are divided by the river Seine. The right bank is considered the financial and economic section
of Paris.The left bank, for many years, has been referred to as the artistic and bohemian area of the city.
As I walked beside this river, crossed its bridges and observed this city as an outsider, I started to see a
visual narrative taking shape. I began to think about how this division paralleled my own experience. I was
once immersed in a business culture of mergers, acquisitions, quotas and service levels. After 10 years of
the corporate ebb and flow, I got out from behind the cubicle…I knew I wanted to do something different: I
wanted to learn something new about myself. These photographs and the various faces that I encountered
along the way narrate this separation or split that I feel is inherent in many people.  Through my transition
from a businessman to an artist, the Seine acted as a metaphor for my own personal transition.