Book Covers

I’ve been real anxious over the last few days. I was trying to determine if it was the switch from light to dark roast, or if it was the bottle of Coke or the sugary babka loaf I’ve been snacking on. Maybe it’s the change of season––I know we have to change those clocks again soon. But in all honesty, I know it’s none of the above. It’s the anticipation of my soon to be released book: Instant Connections.

So I spend last week looking at book covers. It’s getting exciting now! Once the overall design was finalized, then we moved on to color or no color. Here were some of the samples I was given.

jason landry, instant connections, book cover designs

The design firm suggested that having color on the cover would help it stand out. But what color? A few days ago, a friend and I were at a bar and I would whip out my phone and open the PDF with the color samples and ask total strangers: if you were publishing a book, what color would you choose? They all gave different answers. I eventually settled on a light orange––looked like a Creamsicle.