Nikki Segarra and The Mariner’s Descendant

I like to post interesting literary-themed photographs on this blog.  This one comes from Nikki Segarra.  The photograph titled, Namesake is from her series The Mariner’s Descendant.  Photographs from this series will be on display at Panopticon Gallery in Boston beginning on February 28th, 2013 in the exhibition The Things That Seem and Those That Are: Reshaping Photography through Alternative Processes.

nikki segarra, namesake, photograph, salt print, alternative process

Nikki Segarra, Namesake

Nikki Segarra’s artist statement reads:

“A consuming fear of water, seemingly inherited by my mother piqued my curiosity when I realized that I come from a lineage of mariners.  Hundreds of years and dozens of lives spent on the New England seas, and though I spent most of my life 1300 miles away, I found myself instinctively returning to the same shores that my ancestors have known.

Boxes of evidence and family records of ancestors who drowned, men lost at sea and the wives they left behind, have inspired an inquiry into the relationship between my fear and their lived experiences.  Drawing from the concept of Lamarckian inheritance, I question whether one’s thoughts and fears can be predestined through genomic imprinting.

In these photographs, I play the role of a mariner’s wife, stepping in the shoes of the past by assuming a role so common among my ancestry.  I use the landscape to construct imagery that is indicative of my emotional response as I try to understand ties between my fear and my inherited past.”