My introduction to Grub Street

Now, let me clarify.  There are two Grub Streets – one is a website about restaurant and dining suggestions – (a foodie’s wet dream), and the other is a literary haven for people who are interested in writing.  I am writing about the latter.

Grub Street, located on Boylston St in Boston is a non-profit organization that hosts writing and publishing workshops for people of all ages.  They make people better writers and assist writers who are set on making writing a career.

I was introduced to Grub Street by my friend Debbie Hagan, former Editor-in-Chief at Art New England Magazine.  She knew I was very serious about my writing and knew I was looking for a little guidance on my memoir.

Last week I attended my first two workshops at Grub Street.  The first: So You Want to Be a Writer in 2013 and Beyond with Ethan Gilsdorf (twitter = @ethanfreak)

The second was: Writing the Killer Nonfiction Book Proposal with Katrin Schumann (twitter = @katrinschumann).

The classes here are small (8-12 students) and run the gamut with students who were just starting out and others who have finished manuscripts and needed direction.  I fall somewhere in between.  Both classes were great and were led by published authors who had real world experience.  Since I have already gone to school and earned a B.F.A and a M.F.A. I wasn’t planning to re-enroll in another degree-seeking program.  These workshops are designed to give a lot of information in a short amount of time.  The first workshop was only three hours long, while the second was six hours long.  Listening to my classmates talk about their books got my creative juices pumpin’ and I am ready to get back to work on mine.

I dreaded writing my Master’s thesis and that was only twenty-two pages long.  I’m guessing that it had to do with the structure because the content – photography – is my passion.

I’ll be posting more on Grub Street in the future.  It was cool to see this as soon as I exited the elevator onto their floor.  I knew I was in the right place!

Grub Street