It’s never too late

Recently, I received an email from someone who was inspired by a post I made on Facebook.  The post looked something like this: “It’s a great feeling to do what you want and do what you love. Everyone should try it sometime if you’re not doing it already.” ~ Me

I was feeling real good about life that day and I was also trying to inspire others. This person responded to the post with a rather lengthy email to me. He wanted to share a quote with me that he was very fond of.

It’s never too late to become what you could have been.” (attributed to George Eliot).
There has been a lot of mystery surrounding this exact quote, as noted (here) on Quote Investigator. His email included this interpretation by Lee Baucom:

(This is one of my favorite quotes. He reminds me that we are never finished developing into who we want to be. Who we are becoming is a constantly changing and developing piece.  We are always growing, changing, and becoming more and more of who we are. Were reading about how Michelangelo talked about his creating a sculpture.  He said that he looked at the rock,  decided what was in it, then chipped everything else away.  In other words, he was looking to see what the rock was supposed to be. That’s what we do.  We are constantly seeking to find what we are supposed to be. Then our job is to get rid of everything else. We grow up becoming who others want us to be. Then one day we look around, realize that the path we have been on has not been ours, and we have to make a decision.  We have to decide whether we will continue following someone else’s path or whether we will start our own path. Sometimes, people decide that it’s too late in life to change paths. Too bad. When we realize that we were on the wrong path, then we have a chance to take the right path. Sometimes, we just know that were not on the right path, but we don’t know what the right path is. That’s when we have to get rid of the things that are in our way of discovering a new path. That’s when we have to chip away all that doesn’t belong. Once we do that, our path becomes much more clear. In fact, what we discover is that fear has kept us off the right path. Fear has kept us from doing and being who we want to be and what we want to do. Until we face that fact, we keep ourselves from being who we could be.  More importantly, we keep ourselves from the being who we want to be. Perhaps, we even keep ourselves from being who we should be.)

You never know.  What you say or do might just inspire someone else to react in the most beautiful of ways.