I’ll wear some Bossypants during my Staycation!

bossypants, tine fey, bookSince we’re about to have 100 feet of snow, okay, maybe only 1-3 feet, thanks to a Nor’easter named Nemo, I picked up a new book to read – Bossypants by Tina Fey.  I’m psyched to get a few days off…staycation!

I’m knee deep in writing my own memoir which some of you reading this might be aware of, so reading other memoirs to get ideas on style and flow have been an important part of the process.  I’m not sure this happens to anyone else when you read, but if the book was written by a TV personality, such as Tina Fey, or Anthony Bourdain, I can actually hear their voice narrating the story as I read.  Stop me if I sound like a nut right now.  Almond Joy’s got nuts…Mounds don’t.

I’m a fan of 30 Rock so I hope this doesn’t disappoint.