Daily Rituals

daily rituals, book, artists, mason curreySomeone made a comment about my friend Mark a while back. They said that he was “eccentric”. Now this someone wasn’t me––but I understand why they said that. Yes, he does keep spreadsheets about a few things like his running schedule, for starters. As a person who runs a lot, he has his running schedule planned out for an entire year––and it’s a rare moment if he deviates from it. He also keeps a spreadsheet for all of the books that he reads. I don’t find this as quirky as the running schedule––I’ve actually started to keep my own list. Then, there is a spreadsheet for the cities that he has lived in and the sports teams who have won championships while he was living in a particular city. Okay––so what––he’s eccentric. He’s not the only one.

I include a whole chapter on my friend Mark in my yet-to-be published book Instant Connections. You’ll get to read more about him sometime in the near future. You’re now probably asking, where am I going with this? Well, Mark and I were at the bookstore the other day and he was searching for a book called Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. It’s a book about writers, composers, painters, choreographers, playwrights, poets, philosophers, sculptors, filmmakers and scientists on how they create. That’s what the back cover of the book says. Essentially, how they set time aside each day to create their art. Some of these “artists” were organized and some, not so much. Currey analyzed over 160 such artists for his book––so far it’s a great read.

I’m usually a very organized person. I keep a daily planner and check things off once they get done. You need to set goals, whether they are short term or long term. I feel they keep you motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment. As I began writing my book, I was very organized––wrote every day. Now that I’m in the editing process, I’ve been slackin’. This is very unlike me. We both bought a copy of this book––I did it to see how others’ worked and to find some inspiration and quite possibility a new daily ritual that I could put into practice. Mark did it so that he could prove that even with all of his so called “eccentricities” he was now, “looking saner and saner by the minute.”

From Within – A Poem about Creativity

From Within

Your experiences are analyzed and interpreted.
All your hopes and fears are realized.
Perceptions are made.

A breath of air leaves the body.
A bead of sweat penetrates the skin.
A life is born.

Some of your influences will come from home.

But only from within, does your truest creativity blossom.