Cutting out Soda

no coke, coke, coca cola, dietSo two months have passed since I drank a soda. You’re probably wondering, why? On a trip up to Maine to see our dear friends, their oldest son Milo (who also inspired this other blog post) said that he recently was told a story that if you put a tooth in a glass of Coke, it would eventually dissolve into nothing. He won’t drink it, and he has been focusing more on brushing his teeth. Now, this myth could be true, but I’m pretty certain that there are other things that we ingest that are probably more harmful to us.

Anyways, as someone who would go out to eat 4-5 times a week and always get a soda with my meal, I decided to switch to water. I actually feel pretty great. No soda, more running, and I haven’t changed any other things in my diet yet and I’ve lost a few pounds. Trying to stay Fit Over 40 is tough, so I must try a little harder each day to be healthy.

Thanks again Milo.