Scrivener for Writers

I wish I had this program when I wrote my first book!

This week I was out to lunch with author Tim Horvath and we were talking about a new historcial fiction book that I just started writing. I was explaining to him that it was difficult keeping all of the topics and ideas in order. He told me about this incredible program for writers that allows you to organize chapters, thoughts, notes––basically everything you need in order to organize and layout a book. It’s called Scrivener and you can download Scrivener through the Apple App store. I highly recommend it. Check out some of the videos on their site to see how it works.

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Back Bay by William Martin

back bay, william martin, book, historical fiction, fiction, bostonI spent the last week banging through William Martin’s Back Bay book. This historical fiction story was based right in my neighborhood. Boston’s cool people! There were many plot twists, and with that said, I think the book could have been about 100 pages shorter. It was a “rip-roaring page turner” as the Boston Globe described, but I found that there were too many characters to keep track of.  I guess that is why Martin put an extended family tree in the front of the book.

I have no idea what I’m going to read next. Maybe I’ll take a breather to work on editing my book and take some notes for the future book.

If you’re interested in historical fiction books, try Martin’s latest book The Lincoln Letter.  Less twists, better read.







10 Rules for Fiction Writers

So I went out to get a burrito, and came home with an idea for a fiction book.  I ran the idea past my wife, and she wanted to know where I came up with such an idea.  It just came to me, I said.  I’m already working on a book of essays about photography and those are all non-fiction, fact-based stories from my personal experiences.  This new idea has nothing to do with me or photography––it is a historical fiction story with roots to Boston, especially the Back Bay/Beacon Hill neighborhoods.10 rules for writing fiction, writer, fiction, stories, books, tips

Since fiction writing isn’t my forte, I plan to do a little research before I get too engrossed in this thing.  The Guardian ran this story about the 10 Rules for Fiction Writers.  I need all the help I can get.

I know writers like Dan Brown and William Martin have a specific style where each chapter goes back and forth from adventures between the protagonists point of view to the antagonists point of view, or present day to to past. I don’t know if that is a specific style of writing––I guess I’ll have to figure that out. Right now this is just me being excited.  I hope it pans out.