Claim Your Moment: An Inspirational Message

stephen sheffield, ladder, ascent, water, self portrait, panopticon gallery, inspire, inspirational

Stephen Sheffield, Ascent (Ladder #34), 2009

Each person on this planet has a message to deliver…a story to tell.  I recognize this more and more when I watch TED talks.  If you haven’t watched any, do yourself a favor and find a topic that you relate to and sit back and watch one.  Their videos are inspiring and motivating, and their tag line rings true.  They do have ‘ideas worth spreading’.  I post some of the videos on this blog once in a while when I feel the story is relevant or particularly interesting.

This might come off sounding a bit strange, but have you ever asked yourself, or thought to yourself, what message will I deliver in this lifetime?  What story will I tell?  I never imagined that I’d be writing a book, and here I am, knee deep in one.

I believe most people go through various stages of training––events in their lives that show up as barriers that are meant to be conquered before getting to that next level, you know…finding their true calling. These barriers are like chapters or stages in a video game, the more you master the game, the closer you are to the prize––or finishing the conquest.  Each step, each stage, each chapter is a test that you must pass before you find your true path, true goal, true purpose in life.  I’m not saying that playing video games will show you the way to enlightenment or even help you make an informed decision on what your goal is in life.  It’s only meant to be a metaphor.

Like a chick pushing through an egg and taking its first step into the world, chip away at the small stuff around the edges until your moment is there, right in front of you, like a beam of light penetrating through a tiny hole in the shell just waiting for you to come out and explore its warm pulse.  Experiment with what captures your attention.  Try different things.  Sometimes your ‘thing’ won’t be the first thing that you are good at…it often times will sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Claim your moment.  As Anonymous once said: There is no better time than right now.