Inspiration Can Be Bite Size

“If you aren’t inspired by anything, create the inspiration yourself.” ~ Me.

You have the power to do anything you want in this lifetime. You just have to put your mind to it, show up and be present. If you are not inspired by external things, look inside you for inspiration. You just might surprise yourself.

I often find inspiration after listing to music, or reading a book, or taking a long walk. Something witty and surprising that a child might have said might trigger a moment of inspiration too, like the day that I heard this quote:

“I wish that reality was bite size.”  ~Milo

It was funny hearing this come from a nine year old. Reality and things that are real can be bite size. And so can things that inspire you. Find them or create them, then build them up. Share your inspirations with others, and soon the others will be coming to you for inspiration.

Where will you go today for inspiration?


Read More. Pretty Please.

I hope you read more in 2014. I read a statistic somewhere that said that Americans are reading less and less, and we are also buying fewer and fewer books.


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I don’t like these statistic for a few reasons:

1.) I just wrote a book and I want people to buy books.
2.) You can learn a lot from reading.
3.) Without books, life would be boring.
4.) Reading a book is a great way to decompress after a long, busy day.
5.) Bookstores need readers.
6.) Having a bookstore in your neighborhood is good for the community.
7.) You will learn more from reading a book, than you will from watching those crappy reality television shows (I had to put this one it in there!)

Think back to the last book that you read. How did it make you feel? Did you learn something new? Did you get inspired?
I hope you consider buying another book soon. Maybe it’s a paperback, maybe it’s an eBook, or maybe it’s even my book, and then I’d be excited and honored.

Whatever book you choose, enjoy it thoroughly.