Island Creek Oysters: They Believe in Aquaculture

South Shore Magazine recently published my 4-page story and photographs about Island Creek Oysters and their aquaculture initiatives. It was a great experience to be down on the farm, to learn about how they operate, and learn about the life cycle of an oyster.

My interest in Island Creek Oysters may have started in the restaurant, but it has grown exponentially when I found out that they are not only growing oysters for restaurants, but have expanded their overall mission to make oyster farming more of a sustainable and renewable resource in other countries through their aquaculture initiatives.

Through the three pillars of sustainability, Island Creek Oysters has created a model that shows the ability to focus on the needs of the economy, society and the environment. Their outreach continues to grow beyond the bay in Duxbury in an ongoing effort to help teach the world to feed itself.

Note:  A digital version of this issue can be found HERE.  The story starts on page 114.

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