Be the Hub of your Network

Louis Henri Pingitore, Oread, light, photograph, photography

Louis Henri Pingitore, Oread, 2012

Sometimes when we chose to befriend someone, our network grows. That’s the key, right? To converge into a large enough bunch and intermingle, share ideas, thoughts, advice, and time with others––others who have similar wants, needs, and tastes. What if we got close enough to the others but never really made a connection: we never really clicked. We might just be floating along with no ending in sight, like random lightwaves traveling through time, crisscrossing and zooming by.

Be that beam of light that shines brightest and lights up a room. You are colorful in many ways. Show everyone what you are made of and you might become the hub of the network you so desired to belong to.

As Fluid As Your Thoughts

“Your actions should be as fluid as your thoughts.
If someone does something good for you, don’t just thank them, find ways to reciprocate the gesture.
Building your network is a two way street.
Make sure things are flowing in both directions.”
~Jason Landry

scott lerman, fluid, water, liquid

Scott Lerman, Liquid 2

Food for Thought: Practice Makes Perfect

Remember the saying, “Practice Makes Perfect?” It is very important to practice whatever craft you want to master. It might not just be the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell describes in his book Outliers and they discuss in this article.

The last sentence of the article asks, “the important question now is, what else matters?” The fact is, besides practice, you need a solid network and connections. People who will talk about you, confirm your abilities, and help strengthen your brand. Without those so called “Influencers” or “Validators” in your corner, you could be the best at whatever you do, but never be recognized for it.

Read more of this article at Business Insider, or by clicking on the image below.

business insider, malcolm gladwell

A Thankful Reflection

I have been connected to a lot of people in my life. My most important connections, besides my family and closest friends, are the peers, mentors and the network of artists, photographers, collectors and educators that I have met along the way. I am very thankful to all of you, especially on a day like today.

frank white, turkey, panopticon gallery, photograph

Frank Sherwood White, Turkey, from the series Inflatables.