Snowy Days Are Good For Writing

Boston-Snow, writing, write, snow storm, jason landry, boston, penthouse, weatherMe: Siri, can I stay home today and do some writing?

Siri: Let me check. Would you like me to check the Internet for, ‘Can I stay home today and do some writing?’

Me: Ah, no Siri, I was hoping that you would be able to answer that.

Snowy days are perfect days to get some writing done. Take a look at the picture on your left. That’s the view from my penthouse in Boston. Actually today, I may do some more editing and then read a bit. There’s little distraction since I don’t want to go out. I won’t be tempted to run out for a bagel or a burrito or a pizza. My wife set up dinner in the crock pot and the dog is already sound asleep at my feet and it’s only 8:57am.

I have about 67,000 words written and in the can toward my first memoir. I can’t express how exciting this has been for me. I already have two more book ideas on the back burner––one non-fiction and one fiction. I’ve been told that when you’re stuck writing, start writing something else. Instead of putting all my eggs in one basket, I have opened up a carton of eggs––none of which are colored with PAAS Easter Egg dye––yet!

On a side note, the Boston Marathon is less than 30 days away. Last year the weather was in the 80’s on Marathon Monday. Even though tomorrow is the official First Day of Spring, the chances that warm weather will actually come that quickly is looking doubtful––however, I’m optimistic!