Want It Back

We now live in an age where MTV is too busy pumping out senseless reality television shows and has obviously forgotten what the ‘M’ in their TV logo stands for.  But that hasn’t stopped a lot of bands from pumping out good videos.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra have been busy conjuring up some WILD, somewhat titillating, witty and #NSFW videos.

This video for the song Want It Back is one of the most clever music videos that I have seen in the past twenty years.  I first watched it last year and was mesmerized!  I’m posting it here because they have come up with a clever way to mix stop motion animation and the text from her lyrics to create what I’ll call a ‘lyrical video’.  It’s sad that great bands have to post their videos to YouTube.  Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is great, but there use to be a perfectly good cable television station meant for just that!