Finding Inspiration

apple, globe, kevin van aelst, photographer, panopticon gallery

Kevin Van Aelst, Apple Globe, 2007

Finding Inspiration when you think all the good ideas have already been taken.

I’m not sure what to write.
I’m not sure what to photograph.
I’ve been staring at a blank canvas all day.
I feel like I’m writing the same song over and over.

I’m not sure this applies to any of you reading this, but artists sometimes get themselves in a bit of a quandary––low and behold: Artist’s Block. You know, kinda like “writer’s block”, but on a more diversified scale. You, yes you, the artist over there that looks down in the dumps. You’re getting in your own way. You’ve set up roadblocks for yourself. You’ve convinced yourself that there is nothing original to be said––that it’s “all been done before.” Come on now, you’re an ARTIST!

With a show of hands, who hasn’t felt like this? If you find yourself in one of these predicaments, try to remember that “ah-hah” moment you had a few months or days back when you actually had a moment of brilliance––that time when things were clear and your artistic mojo was working for you. Recall that moment, harness it for half a minute, then get back to work. If that doesn’t help, go for a stroll to your nearest bookstore, gallery or museum. Breathe in the art. Let it consume every morsel of your being. Don’t you feel better already. Are you ready to create?

People who define themselves as “artists” have an innate ability that others do not have. Some think that you can learn to be an artist, but I believe you are born with with an artistic genome––schooling just helps you mold and fine tune what is already there.

Artists are gifted, talented and unique individuals. If we didn’t have them in this world, life would be pretty boring. Actually, someone smarter than me once said: “Earth without art would be Eh

All the inspiration that you need is already inside you. You just have to be determined enough to let it out.