This isn’t what I planned

Jason-Landry-PolaroidMeaning, I wasn’t planning to start a whole new blog – I was just trying to upgrade to a new version of WordPress.  Since I fucked that all up, we’ll be starting from scratch.

Hello World! – That’s the catchy tag line that’s suppose to start off this dastardly deed of a blog, right?

Most people either know me as a photographer, a photography collector or a gallery owner.  The fact is, I have also been writing on and off for close to twenty years.  I never really considered myself a ‘writer’, but I am.  I may not be the best writer, but that will change. I’ve actually been reading and writing more than ever.  My pace really picked up in 2012 after we canceled our cable TV – in my opinion, reality television is dumbing down the American public. I feel cleansed now – whole again.

I began writing my memoir Instant Connections last year – hence the title of this here blog.  There is someone out there right now saying, “His memoir…Is he for real?…What the fuck is his story?…He ain’t no celebrity!” But I do have a story, and it’s very interesting.  I’m guessing that if I keep at it, it will be hitting the bookshelves in 24 months.  That’s two short years.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting snippets from my book on here once and a while, quotes, photos, poems, book and reading suggestions, miscellaneous bullshit, videos and ramblings that I hope will entertain and inspire you – my readers.

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About Jason Landry

Jason Landry is a writer, photography collector, and owner of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, MA. I write about photography for the Huffington Post and I'm the author of, Instant Connections: Essays and Interviews on Photography. If you'd like to contact me: jason(at)