While we’re on the topic of…

While we’re on the topic of the presidency – seeing that yesterday Barack Obama was sworn in for his second consecutive term as President of the United States, I’d like to share with you a recent read, The Lincoln Letter by Boston-based author William Martin.

The Lincoln Letter, William Martin, abraham lincoln, history, historical fiction, book, author, writer, readMartin, who has written a number of other successful works of fiction such as Back Bay and Harvard Yard brings us this fast-paced tale that takes place outside of the confines of Massachusetts and into Lincoln’s term in Washington, D.C.

His character sleuths, Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington, are on a mission to find a historically important document: Lincoln’s diary.

No ‘spoiler alert’ here.  It was a great read that brought you back to the days of the Civil War.  It intertwined significant events and dates with historically significant people and places – just as a great historical fiction novel should do.

“I’m down to the raisins.” You’ll get it once you read the book.